Boat Direct Consulting


Helping fishermen go to market.

How We Can Help


free compliance review

We will review your current systems for governmental compliance free of charge and make recommendations based on our findings. Get ahead of the inspectors and avoid costly fines and production shutdowns.

Costing of goods

We will do a deep dive on your cost of goods to make sure that you will be profitable and help you detect potential pain points. Don't direct market, ship, or sell wholesale until you've let us cost your production down to the tenth of a cent.  

third party audit preparation

We can handle preparation for the third party audits required by most major retailers. We will compare your current systems to the auditor's requirements and make a plan to get you fully compliant prior to your audit, including conducting mock facility inspections, crafting required written programs, and creating fix-it lists.

HACCP, sanitation, and food safety

We will craft HACCP and sanitation plans that fit your operations AND keep inspectors and customers happy. We take into account the realities of your production space and anticipate future food safety needs based on your specific processes.

marketing plans

Let us help you tell your story. We will craft a marketing plan that fits with your busy schedule and reaches and grows your target audience. Savvy seafood consumers are increasingly interested in knowing about every aspect of your operations.

third party audit guidance

We can guide you through the process on the day of your audit. We will get familiar with your policies and procedures and interact with the auditor so that you can keep your business running. Third party audits can be grueling multi-day affairs. We can handle the audit day as well as the follow-up Corrective Action and implementation processes.

staff training

Whether it's crafting a written training program for you to present to your staff or coming on site to provide hands-on training, we have you covered. The FDA now requires that staff training for HACCP and sanitation be documented.

inspection SOS

Did you get a scary inspection warning letter? Let us jump in and get you back on track. We can craft a Corrective Action plan and help you get it implemented before your follow-up inspection so you can get back to work. 


We can take a look at the big picture and help you make decisions about where to focus your energy. The fish business is constantly changing, so it's especially important to have many diverse revenue streams so that a regulatory closure or bad season doesn't leave you without an income.